Mt. Vernon, Virginia Trip


I took a trip to Mt. Vernon, Virginia a decade or so ago – couldn’t pass up the chance to check out good old Georgie Washington’s stomping grounds.

Brief history:

Mt. Vernon, Virginia was the home of George Washington from 1754 until his death in 1799.

Washington acquired the estate from the widow of his brother, Lawrence.

While he owned it, Washington increased the size of the estate from about 2000 acres to about 8000 acres and he added 2 wings and a third floor to the mansion.

The estate remained in the Washington family until it was purchased by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association in 1858.

Today the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association owns about 500 acres of the original estate. Mt. Vernon lies about 15 miles south of Washington D. C.

It was as cool as you’d expect it to be – that is, not very cool at all. It was just a house, like any other across the country. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it. There’s definitely something…exciting about walking around where Washington once lived.

Check for more detailed info if my ramblings weren’t enough for you.

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